President’s Message – January 14, 2014

To the Shareholders of Sunvault Energy;

Recently, I was appointed to join Sunvault Energy Inc. as the interim CEO. It has been determined by the majority of the shareholders, that an immediate focus is required to bring certain elements of the Company’s business and technology platforms to market, specifically targeting short-term tracks to revenue with a concentration on immediate opportunities that exist. The Company has received a complete independent “Due Diligence” package on the Greece projects; that recommend the acquisition of the projects. These reviews were done by one of Germany’s top independent solar companies that were highly recommended to SunVault by First Berlin banking group. Sunvault will be acting on this advice.

I have been following Sunvault for some time as a shareholder and have been intrigued by the potential this Company has at its fingertips. Much of my background has been involved in taking companies from the idea stage to full roll out reality such as MDU Communications as one of the founders until sale of the Canadian assets to Star Choice, now renamed Shaw Direct for approx $10 million. MDU Communications, at the time of the sale, had built up 35,000 subscribers, and had accumulated suites to be deployed into of over 300,000 suites. During my time as President at MDU, our company stock went from $0.35 cents to $10.00 US. I was involved during the financing stage at Diamcor Mining, in charge of corporate development, where the company stock went from .25 cents to where it is at currently at $1.60.

Much of my career has been in the successful managing of people and projects and Sunvault is one of the most exciting projects I have seen in a long time.

Sunvault Energy is way past the idea stage and it’s my personal opinion that it is closer to the world changing stage. A solar chip that can collect energy through ambient light (daylight) and store the energy is a game changer in the solar industry. This should be successfully launched to market for further development of SVLT’s unique products. We will be working with several top Universities to put the technology into a form that can be utilized by an immediate market. When the concept was originally developed at UBC- University of British Columbia, they had confirmed storage times of 96 hours.

That market is any small powered device. First in line of when it comes to small powered devices are obviously smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Immediately following will be motion sensors, smoke detectors and other universally recognized and utilized powered devices.

Imagine a smart phone that never requires a charge, a tablet you can always count on or smoke detectors and motion sensors that peel and stick and that is it, no battery required.

Now, obviously there is work to be done to take the technology into proper forms that fit into these manufactured products. Sunvault will be working with key manufacturers in smart mobile devices, as well as, other manufacturers of other devices for implementation. Over the next number of months this will be the mandate, choosing manufacturing and implementation partners who want a competitive advantage.

A number of patented pending technologies, as they relate to the solar industry, owned by Sunvault, will be utilized by the Company to produce revenue. One example of this is the recently announced potential solar park acquisition by Sunvault in Greece. Revenue derived from these types acquisition will facilitate a portion of the capital necessary to permit concentration on commercializing its technology portfolio. The Company will be looking into this opportunity further.

Sunvault will continue to seek out additional acquisition opportunities as they fit into the Company’s mandate and growth plans. The Company desires to produce re-occurring and on-going revenues that will support its efforts, using the All-in-One™ and Vertical Solar Appliance technology platforms within a real world-operating environment.

Longer-term, Sunvault’s technology is targeting power generation for business and homes to supplement or replace the grid as we use it today. However, the low hanging fruit for our shareholders to benefit from are opportunities where we can build development and implementation relationships for the massive smart phone, tablet and other universally used and utilized small powered devices. This will be our first concentration as the Company continues to move forward.

I look forward to building this incredible opportunity with our shareholders.

January 14, 2014 Gary Monaghan
Chief Executive Officer